Dream Vacations ... Along the Road Least Traveled




Imagine a vacation where YOU write the perfect script, casting your best friends in the lead roles and the set is located in YOUR favorite Lake Michigan destination.  YOU pick the pace of the action and decide how much YOU want to participate or just sit back and enjoy the ride.  


YOU pick the ports and whether YOU want to dine aboard or visit YOUR favorite restaurant on shore.  Ship's meals can run from gourmet cuisine to brats on the grill.  Want to shop during the day or take part in the nightlife on shore?  We'll be happy to shuttle YOU back and forth.


Catching our drift yet?


It's all about YOU ... and how YOU want to spend your time aboard DELIA, our 48 foot, 3-cabin, blue water, cruising sailboat. 


If you're looking for a truly unique and romantic way to visit Door County, or any port on the Lake Michigan Shoreline, come join us on a ...




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