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We have divided the season into three parts and offer discounted rates for the early and late parts of the year to encourage guests to extend their sailing season.  Holiday weekends tend to fill up first as do the full weeks in late July and all of August during peak vacationing season.  So we encourage you to make your reservations early to get the dates you want.


As you might imagine, most of our destinations work best when you allow at least three full days for a round trip.  However, there are a few short-range voyages that can be completed with just one overnight aboard ship.  (See Destinations for more details).  We do our best to work around your schedule and can plan departures times for morning, afternoon or early evening if a night sail appeals to you.


Our Sailing Season on Lake Michigan typically runs from May 1 through the end of October.  Of course, the early and late portions of the season can be a little cooler, but we have had wonderful sailing weather during each of those times.  Appropriate layering of clothing is an important consideration whenever you spend time on the water.  We also carry several sets of rain gear for our guests if needed.


Overall, the winds tend to build as the season progresses.  But we are blessed with fairly reliable winds in the 10 - 15 mph range throughout most of our season which are ideal for sailing.  Surface water temperatures vary from around 52 degrees in May to around 65-70 degrees in mid-Summer.  Water temps are slightly higher in the shallower depths and at beaches.


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